Child protection

How to get help if someone reports you to the ministry

How to get a lawyer

This section covers legal aid and free or inexpensive legal services.

Legal aid

  • If you don't have enough money to hire a lawyer, immediately contact your nearest legal aid office to find out if you qualify for legal aid. Don't delay doing this because any delay could mean that your children will remain in foster care longer.

    Legal help is available to people with low incomes whose children have been taken by the ministry or may be taken by the ministry. The Legal Services Society (LSS) provides legal aid in child protection cases through both staff lawyers and private lawyers. Private lawyers working for legal aid receive less than their usual fees. In addition, the hours that they can bill LSS are limited.

    Legal aid covers the cost of filing documents and calling experts in your case.
  • Family duty counsel located at courthouses may also be able to help you. Duty counsel are lawyers paid by LSS who provide free legal advice and assistance to people with low incomes. Find out when duty counsel is available at your local courthouse on the Legal Services Society website.
  • To find out about legal aid, see Legal aid services on the Legal Services Society website.

Free legal services

  • Some communities have pro bono clinics where lawyers can give you free legal advice on some problems. Different pro bono clinics may provide different services.
  • To find out if your community has such a clinic, call the nearest legal aid office or family service agency.

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