Legal information outreach workers

Legal information outreach workers are staff members at Legal Services Society (BC Legal Aid) regional centres who can:

  • help people use Clicklaw to find legal information and self-help resources on the Internet;
  • give people printed legal information;
  • refer people to other Legal Aid BC services such as family duty counselfamily advice lawyers, and other community services; and
  • visit community groups to tell them about Legal Aid BC services, and collect feedback from community workers and the public about the legal aid programs;
  • provide legal information and referral services by phone; and
  • assist Community Court clients.

Where can I find legal information outreach workers?

Prince Rupert Terrace Vancouver

(Terrace Regional Centre satellite office)
c/o Government Agent Office
201 – 3rd Avenue West
Prince Rupert, BC  V8J 1L2

Phone: 250-624-7701 or 1-800-787-2511 (call no charge)

207 – 3228 Kalum Street

Phone: 250-635-2133

400 – 510 Burrard Street

Phone: 604-408-2172

Tip: See the LSS website for the hours at each location and links to maps.