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Legal Aid applications

Legal Aid applications are now taken by phone only. For the most up-to-date information about Legal Aid services, please see Legal aid services.

Parents Legal Centres

All Parents Legal Centres are now available by phone only. For phone numbers and hours of service, please see this list.

Family Duty Counsel and Family Advice Lawyers

Duty counsel lawyers and family advice lawyers are now available by phone only. For phone numbers and hours of service, please see this list.

Family Justice Centres and Justice Access Centres

Lawyers aren't available at courthouses or Justice Access Centres. But the Family Justice Services Division is providing services by phone and other virtual service options. Please see this Provincial Court page for more information.

Family Justice Services Division

Family Justice Counsellors and Child Support Officers will provide dispute resolution services to families through technology. Please see this Provincial Court page for more information.

Parenting After Separation courses

Parenting After Separation and Parenting After Separation for Indigenous Families courses are still available online.

The courts

Most courts are closed. Use the links below to find out what each court is doing.

Most court operations are suspended at least until May 16, 2020.

You can't file documents in person at any courthouse. Court registries are only accepting new, urgent family applications filed by email, phone, mail, or fax.

If a judge decides that your matter is urgent, a hearing/trial will be scheduled with all participants appearing by telephone.

Urgent matters include:

  • requests for urgent relief related to the safety of a child or parent,
  • requests to get or set aside (replace all or part of) protection orders,
  • urgent orders involving parenting time, contact with a child or communication between persons,
  • urgent issues related to the well-being of a child,
  • applications to suspend, change, or cancel any order for imprisonment or committal (related to FMEP),
  • urgent cases where irreparable harm will occur if the application is not heard.

If you think your matter is urgent, apply online using this Application for an Urgent Hearing form. Then send it:

Please see the Provincial Court’s COVID-19 page for up-to-date information.

All courts are closed. You can't make a new application unless your matter is urgent.

Please see the Supreme Court's announcement page for up-to-date information.

Please see the Court of Appeal's announcement page for up-to-date information.