Supreme Court — If you agree

How to change a family order

Who this guide is for

This do-it-yourself guide is for people who want to change a family order in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and agree on what the order should say. This includes any parenting orders (for guardianship, parenting time, contact, custody, or access) or orders for child or spousal support (includes cancelling or reducing arrears).

When both parties agree to the order, it's also called a consent order.

You can use this guide to change a family order if:

  • there's an existing order made by the Supreme Court of British Columbia;
  • both you and the other party to the order agree to the change; or
  • in the case of an order for child support, the change is to an amount permitted by the child support guidelines.

Important: If either party lives outside BC, you may not be able to use this guide. Please contact a lawyer for advice.