If you can't agree with the other party

How to change a family order

You must change a family order in the same court (Provincial or Supreme) as it was originally made.

Before using this guide

Before you start using these guides, think about your situation. Is it possible that you and the other person can agree on how to change your existing order? If you can agree, you won't have to go to court and a judge or master won't make the decisions about these important personal issues for you. Instead, you can file a consent order.

Consider the following options that can help you and the other party to work things out:

For more information, see our fact sheet Making an agreement after you separate.

Tip: If you and the other party can agree, see our self-help guides How to change a family order if you agree.

If you must go to court — Choose Provincial or Supreme Court

Where was your original order made?

Important: If your case is in Provincial (Family) Court in Victoria, you will follow different procedures. See Family matters at the Victoria Courthouse.