Supreme Court — Sole application

How to do your own undefended (uncontested) divorce

Step 7

Serve the divorce order on the other party

You must serve a copy of the divorce order on your spouse, unless the court explicitly says that you don't have to. You must serve it by ordinary service to your spouse's address for service. The address for service is the address he or she puts on court documents like the Response to Family Claim (Form F4).

If you don't have an address for service (for example, because there's been no response), you must mail it to his or her last known address.

What is ordinary service?

Many documents can be served by ordinary service. This means they can be served on the other party by:

  • leaving the document at the person's address for service; or
  • mailing the document by ordinary mail to the person's address for service; or
  • emailing the document to an email address that's provided as part of the other party's address for service.

Tip: For more information on how to serve documents by ordinary service, see our self-help guide How to serve Supreme Court documents.

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