Supreme Court — Sole application

How to do your own undefended (uncontested) divorce

Step 8

Order a Certificate of Divorce, if you want one

Anytime after 31 days have passed and the divorce has become final, you can go back to the registry to ask for a Certificate of Divorce (Form F56).

This step isn't mandatory. If you don't go to the court registry to get a Certificate of Divorce, your divorce will still be legal. If you ever have to show legal proof of your divorce, you can use your divorce order. However, you may prefer just to show a certificate rather than all the details in the order. In Canada, you can use either document as legal proof of divorce if you want to remarry. Some other countries require a certificate.

What you need to take with you

To apply for a Certificate of Divorce, you need to fill out a Requisition (Form F17) (PDF) (Word). This form has instructions to help you fill it out.

Then you need to go to the registry where your divorce is filed and take:

  • your completed Requisition (Form F17),
  • your court file number, and
  • payment (see below).

It's helpful to take a copy of the divorce order, but it isn't required. (Make a photocopy of the one you have and keep the original.) It's also a good idea to take government-issued photo ID such as your driver's license or your passport.

As of March 2013, the fee is $40 for each Certificate of Divorce. If you want a certificate for both you and your now ex-spouse, you'll have to pay $80. You can pay with a cheque (with two pieces of ID), a money order, or cash. Make cheques and money orders payable to the Minister of Finance. Registries also accept debit cards.

It's a good idea to call ahead and check that your registry process is the same as shown here.

For more information, such as how to apply for a certificate by mail, see How Do I Get My Certificate of Divorce? on the JP Boyd on Family Law Clicklaw Wikibook.

See our fact sheet Problems using the Supreme Court PDF forms? or Tips for using the Supreme Court Word forms for help using the form.

All done?

Yes, I have:

taken to the registry (if you want a certificate):

    a filled-out Requisition (Form F17)

    my court file number

    payment ($40/certificate)

    a copy of the divorce order/photo ID (optional)

You've now gone through all the steps required to get a divorce in Supreme Court. Thank you for using our self-help guide.

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