If you agree with the other party

How to get a final family order

Who these guides are for

These self-help guides are for people who want to get a final family order (parenting, support, or property), if you both agree on what the order should say. This is sometimes also called a consent order.

If you're also applying for a divorce, and you agree on all your parenting, support, and property issues, you can apply for orders about these issues at the same time as you apply for the divorce.

Or you can use this guide to apply for parenting, support, or property orders separately, before you apply for a divorce using one of our divorce guides to get an undefended (uncontested) divorce.

Your first step is to decide which court you need to use. See Do you need to go to Provincial (Family) Court or Supreme Court? to find out which court would be best for your case.

Read our fact sheet Which laws apply to your case? to find out which law(s) you can use to get your orders.

Consider the following options to help you and the other party work things out: