Supreme Court — If you can't afford to pay court fees

How to get an order to waive fees

Who this guide is for

This do-it-yourself guide is for people who can't afford to pay court fees. When the court "waives" a court fee, that means you don't have to pay it.

About court fees

You're required to pay fees to file documents in the Supreme Court of BC. You'll also need to pay court fees for:

  • swearing affidavits,
  • searching some court records,
  • photocopying, and
  • issuing certain documents (for example, a certificate of judgment).

There are no fees in Provincial Court.

For a list of all court fees, see Appendix C of the Supreme Court Family Rules.

If you can't afford to pay court fees

This guide tells you how to apply for a court order that allows you to begin or respond to an application without paying court fees. This court order is called an order to waive fees.

In this guide, you'll find:

  • a list of steps explaining how to apply for an order to waive fees,
  • links to the blank forms you'll need, and
  • information about what will happen when you go to court.

Click "List of steps" below to see a list of step-by-step instructions.