Representative for Children and Youth

The Representative for Children and Youth (the representative) is an office set up to protect children and youth in BC. The representative:

  • helps children, youth, and families deal with the child welfare system, and
  • advocates for changes to the system itself.

Important: The representative is not part of the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

The representative helps families by:

  • giving them information,
  • helping them prepare to speak on their own behalf, or
  • finding an advocate to help them.

It also initiates reviews and investigates government agencies that provide services to children and youth in BC.

The representative independently reviews and investigates deaths and serious injuries of children and youth receiving services. It also issues independent reports that focus on the child welfare system and how to improve it.

The representative serves all BC children and youth from birth to age 19, particularly those in government care — foster homes, group homes, or youth custody — who face greater challenges than other children and youth.

For more information, see the Representative for Children and Youth website.