BC Family Law Unbundling Roster

You may need a lawyer's help for only part of your family law problem, or if you can afford only some legal help with your problem. You can get that type of help from lawyers and paralegals (trained in legal matters and assist lawyers) who offer unbundled legal services.

Unbundled legal services means you pay for the legal help you want or can afford.

An unbundled lawyer or paralegal:

  • meets with you to plan how they can help with your legal problem,
  • discusses the tasks you want help with and which ones you can do on your own,
  • works on only the tasks you agree to, and
  • charges you for only the agreed tasks.

You and the lawyer can adapt the arrangement to fit your budget and how comfortable you are with handling your own legal matter.

To learn more, see the BC Family Law Unbundling Roster.