Aboriginal people

Information about family law (including child protection) addressed specifically to Aboriginal people.

See our Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC website, which has information on family law and other issues important to the Aboriginal community.

The basics

Fact sheets

Child protection

Child protection and the Aboriginal community
Identifies the law around child protection for Aboriginal children in BC, sets out some aspects of the child protection/removal process, and explains parents' and band rights and responsibilities.

Understanding Aboriginal child protection/removal matters
Describes what Aboriginal parents can do if they're being investigated for a child protection matter.

Understanding delegated Aboriginal agencies
An overview of delegated Aboriginal agencies (a part of the Ministry of Children and Family Development who provide child welfare services) and their potential role in Aboriginal child protection matters.

Understanding child protection mediation for Aboriginal families
Explains what mediation is, how it works, and how it can help Aboriginal families. Also includes how to find a mediator.

Understanding court orders and hearings
Describes the court orders and hearings that are part of the process for child protection cases.

Understanding the Extended Family Program
Explains what the Extended Family Program is and how it allows your children to live with family or friends instead of going into foster care. Also includes who can become a caregiver.

Family law

Aboriginal people and family law issues
A brief overview of family law legal issues as they apply to Aboriginal people. Covers caring for children, parenting arrangements, child and spousal support, property, and income assistance.