Abuse & family violence

Abuse in relationships includes behaviour ranging from threats to physical or sexual assault, and may also include harmful financial, emotional, and verbal actions. Abuse can be physical, emotional or verbal, psychological, sexual, and/or financial.

The basics

Fact sheets

What is abuse?
A list of examples of relationship abuse (family violence) that are physical, emotional or verbal, psychological, sexual, and financial; describes types of abuse that are crimes and where to get legal and other help.

Family law protection orders
Explains what a family law protection order is, how to apply for one, and what happens once the protection order is in place.

What if your ex is harassing you through the courts?
Describes the kinds of behaviour involved in court-related abuse and harassment and suggest what people can do about it and what the court can do.

What to take with you if you leave your relationship
A list of the important documents and belongings to take along if you're leaving a relationship.

What's the difference between peace bonds and family law protection orders?
Describes the difference between a peace bond and a family law protection order, explains which one to choose for each situation, and sets out what each one can do/cover.



Ruptura del Contrato de Esponsoramiento (Sponsorship Breakdown — Spanish)
Fictional case of a woman in an abusive relationship, who learns from a co-worker that she can leave her abusive husband without fear of losing her permanent resident status.