Divorce & separation


Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC
Information and publications about the issues that are important to Aboriginal people, including family law, child protection, Gladue rights, First Nations Court, Indian Residential Schools Settlement, and harvesting rights (fishing, hunting, and gathering).

Website aimed at enhancing access to justice in BC links to legal information and education designed for the public from 24 contributor organizations, as well as selected others.

Courthouse Libraries BC
Find out about books, resources, and news related to law.

Families Change
Clear and objective information about divorce and separation for children and youth. A Justice Education Society of BC website that includes "A Kids' Guide to Separation and Divorce" (for children aged 5 to 12) and "A Teen Guide to Parental Separation and Divorce."

Family Mediation Canada
Information about qualified family mediators and a "Find a mediator" search tool.

Family Justice (Attorney General ministry)
Basic information on family law topics and alternatives to court for family disputes.

Mediate BC
Contains a list of qualified family mediators and information about mediation and how it works.

Question and answer pathways (on separation and divorce, making a will or personal plan, foreclosure, and family violence) that lead to an action plan. Plus an online negotiation platform for couples to work together on their separation plan/agreement. Publications about the law.

Online Divorce Assistant
Free online tool put out by the provincial government. Answering plain-language questions automatically fills out all the forms you need for a joint divorce. Use this tool if you don’t have any dependent children together and your marriage certificate (or registration of marriage) is in English.

Representing Yourself in Court (Justice Education Society)
If you're thinking about representing yourself in court, here's some useful information.

Supreme Court BC — Online Help Guide
A website especially useful for those who are representing themselves in Supreme Court. It will help you learn about the court system, the specific laws in your case, what you and the other party must prove, what defences you have, and all the possible arguments for your case.

Tax Matters Toolkit (Canadian Bar Association)
Will help you understand how tax rules might affect your options and future finances if you're separating or divorcing.