Information about family law addressed specifically to grandparents or other relatives (or addressed to parents, but also applies to grandparents or relatives).

The basics

Fact sheets


Benefits for grandparents and other relatives raising children
Charts that describe the kinds of benefits grandparents or other relatives raising children might get and under what circumstances, and links to other sites that explain how and where to apply for these benefits.

Information for seniors about benefits, services, and planning for the future
Describes and provides links to three new booklets published by the People’s Law School about government benefits and services for seniors.

Spending time with your grandchild/relative

Children's right to time with grandparents
Information for grandparents who want to apply for access to or contact with their grandchild.

Spending time with a child if you're not a guardian: Contact
Describes contact with a child, which is what the BC Family Law Act calls the time that someone who's not a guardian (for example, a non-guardian parent or grandparent) spends with a child.


Step-parents' rights and responsibilities
Information for step-parents who want to apply for guardianship, custody, or access to or contact with their step-children, and about whether they are responsible to pay child support.