Information about family law addressed specifically to grandparents or other relatives (or addressed to parents, but also applies to grandparents or relatives).

Frequently asked questions

What financial help can I get to support my nephew who is living with me temporarily?

The Extended Family Program offers services and financial support to help relatives caring for children. You must meet certain eligibility criteria, and the amount of monthly benefit payments depends on the child's age. See our booklet Keeping Aboriginal Kids Safe and the Ministry of Children and Family Development website.

If your household meets the eligibility criteria, you might also be eligible for:

  • the Child Tax Benefit,
  • BC Family Bonus,
  • Universal Child Care Benefit, or
  • the Child Disability Benefit.

Apply as soon as possible. See the fact sheet Benefits for grandparents and other relatives raising children for links to information about these and other benefits and how to apply for them.

Can I get access to my grandchild?

My son let his wife have sole guardianship of my granddaughter, and my granddaughter's mother has been very difficult to deal with. She got the order through Provincial Court.

Options for relatives who want to maintain a relationship with a child include:

See our fact sheets Spending time with a child if you're not a guardian: Contact and Children's right to time with grandparents.

Some services that might help you are Provincial family duty counsel or the Lawyer Referral Service. Or see the other services listed in Who can help?

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