Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC
Information and publications about the issues that are important to Aboriginal people, including family law, child protection (including information on the Extended Family Program), Gladue rights, First Nations Court, Indian Residential Schools Settlement, and harvesting rights (fishing, hunting, and gathering).

BC Association of Community Response Networks
Information about community response networks and the association that supports them, plus resources and links to other sites to help prevent abuse and neglect of all adults 19 and older.

Canada Benefits
Government benefits and services.

Website aimed at enhancing access to justice in BC links to legal information and education designed for the public from 24 contributor organizations, as well as selected others.

Department of Justice Canada — Information for Grandparents
Information for grandparents about custody and parenting.

Question and answer pathways (on separation and divorce, making a will or personal plan, foreclosure, and family violence) that lead to an action plan. Plus an online negotiation platform for couples to work together on their separation plan/agreement. Publications about the law.

Temporary & Permanent Care Options
Describes options for children and teens who can't live with their parents to live with someone they know. Includes information about the Extended Family Program, which offers services and financial supports to help improve outcomes for children and youth.

Parent Support Services Society of BC
Website intended to promote healthy family relationships by supporting children, parents, and others in parenting roles in BC communities. Includes information about Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Circles and links to Grandparents Raising Grandchildren publications.

Seniors First BC
Advocacy and support to prevent elder abuse and to provide assistance and support to older adults who are, or may be, abused.

BC government website for seniors.