Staying out of court

Information to help you deal with your family law case without going to court.

The basics

Fact sheets


How to change an agreement
Describes how to change an agreement that was made after separation to deal with issues of parenting, support, and/or property. Includes information on when to file a changed agreement with the court.

Making an agreement after you separate
Describes agreements (often called separation agreements), how to make one, what to do with it once you've made it, how to change or enforce an agreement, and when to get a consent order instead.

Making an agreement when you live together
Information for married or common-law couples about how to make a written agreement (sometimes called a cohabitation or marriage agreement) while you live together.

What happens if an agreement isn't followed?
Describes agreements, sets out when and why you would file an agreement at the court registry, and explains what you can do to ask the court to enforce your agreement or order if the other party refuses to follow it.


Making mediation happen in a family law case in Supreme Court
Explains how either party in a Supreme Court family law proceeding (started under either the Family Relations Act or the Divorce Act) can apply for mediation.

Describes mediation and mediators, sets out where to find a mediator, provides information about distance mediation and mediation in Supreme Court, and includes links to a list of available family mediators.

Offers to settle

Making an offer to settle
Explains how to make a formal offer to settle to try to resolve your issues before a trial.