Support — child

Money paid by one parent or guardian to another parent or guardian as financial support for the children after separation.

The basics

Fact sheets

Child support

Child support
Defines child support; identifies the relevant laws and guidelines; defines undue hardship, special or extraordinary expenses, and the 40 percent principle; sets out income tax implications; outlines the financial information that parties must provide; and touches on arrears.

What the child support guidelines are and how they work
Describes the child support guidelines and how they work and provides links to the federal guidelines and the tables.

When does child support end?
Information about when the responsibility for paying child support ends.

Child support orders

Information for people with family law cases (child support orders) in Kelowna Provincial Court
Describes the Child Support Recalculation Service, which has been in effect in Kelowna since June 1, 2006. The service automatically recalculates child support amounts every year by applying the child support guidelines to updated income information.

Family Maintenance Enforcement Program

How you can get your driver's licence back if the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program takes it away
If you've fallen behind in your support payments and the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program has advised ICBC not to issue or renew your driver's licence, here's what you have to do to get it back.