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Website aimed at enhancing access to justice in BC links to legal information and education designed for the public from 24 contributor organizations, as well as selected others.

Courthouse Libraries BC
Find out about books, resources, and news related to law.

Department of Justice Canada — Child Support
Information about child support and the Federal Child Support Guidelines that will allow you to calculate your annual income and figure out how much you should receive or pay.

Department of Justice Canada — Enforcing Support
An online summary of the law on enforcing child and spousal support orders in Canada, including links to the relevant federal, provincial, out-of-province/interjurisdictional, and international enforcement legislation. Also includes a glossary of terms and links to provincial support enforcement programs.

Family Justice (Attorney General ministry)
Basic information on family law topics and alternatives to court for family disputes.

Family Maintenance Enforcement Program
Website of the provincial government program that helps people collect support payments that were ordered by a judge — contains, among other things, information about the program and the forms needed to register.

Federal Child Support Guidelines
Covers child support orders made in British Columbia — tables and a clear set of rules that courts must use to set child support, based on how much the payor earns and how many children need support. Each province uses a different table.

Federal Child Support Tables
The Federal Child Support Tables set out the basic monthly amounts of child support under the Federal Child Support Guidelines. The tables were updated in 2017 to reflect more recent tax rules. The updated tables came into effect on November 22, 2017.

  • Use the updated 2017 Table Look-up to calculate a child support amount from November 22, 2017 onwards.
  • Use the 2011 Table Look-up to calculate a child support amount owed for a period before November 22, 2017.

Interjurisdictional Support Orders (Attorney General ministry)
Contains information and forms/instructions to get or change support orders when either the recipient or the payor lives outside BC. (This information doesn't apply to orders made under the Divorce Act.)

Question and answer pathways (on separation and divorce, making a will or personal plan, foreclosure, and family violence) that lead to an action plan. Plus an online negotiation platform for couples to work together on their separation plan/agreement. Publications about the law.
Website containing a support calculator, a directory of family lawyers, and FAQ about child/spousal support. The calculator performs very simple and basic child and spousal support calculations under Canadian federal law based on the information you provide. It's intended to provide a "ballpark" figure that would then need adjusting in accordance with the specific factors of your case. The Legal Services Society doesn't claim these figures are precise or accurate nor does it endorse the lawyers listed on this site.

Representing Yourself in Court (Justice Education Society)
If you're thinking about representing yourself in court, here's a checklist of all the things you need to know.

Supreme Court BC — Online Help Guide
A website especially useful for those who are representing themselves in Supreme Court. It will help you learn about the court system, the specific laws in your case, what you and the other party must prove, what defences you have, and all the possible arguments for your case.

Tax Matters Toolkit (Canadian Bar Association)
Online resource that explains the tax rules that apply when you separate or divorce. Topics include spousal and child support, pensions, RRSPs and RRIFs, and child benefits, deductions, and credits. Includes many links to general resources and government forms.