Children & teens

Information about family law (including child protection) addressed specifically to children and teens.

The basics

Fact sheets

Child support

Can you sue your parents for support?
Under which circumstances and how a child (anyone under 19, or over 19 but with a disability or who is otherwise unable to support themselves) is entitled to go to court to ask for child support from their parents.

Court-ordered plan of care

Why see a lawyer about your court-ordered plan of care?
Information for young people aged 12 to 18 about their rights if they have been asked to agree (in writing) to a court order for a plan of care by a child protection worker for the director of Child, Family, and Community Services.


Can you become your younger brother or sister's guardian?
When older brothers or sisters who are 19 or over may apply to court for guardianship of their siblings who are under 19 and the factors the court considers in making the decision.

If your parents separate

If your parents separate, can you decide which parent you want to live with?
The rights of youth when their parents separate and what the courts consider when making custody decisions.

Parental consent

Do you need your parents' permission to see a doctor?
The rights of children and youth, if they are capable, to see a doctor and have their visit kept confidential from their parents.