What to take with you if you leave your relationship

If you plan to leave your marriage or common-law relationship, and you want your children to live with you, you need to take them with you when you go.

Here are some of the important documents and belongings you should take with you:

  • Your financial information, such as your tax returns for at least three years; plus bank account, credit card, investment, and debt statements; and copies of recent pay stubs
  • Your BC Services Card/CareCard (medicare card)
  • Your marriage certificate (if you were married)
  • Your passport, your children's passports, and any other immigration papers you may have
  • Your status card and identification
  • Your children's birth certificates and BC Services Cards/CareCards (medicare cards)
  • Your clothing and personal belongings and those of your children
  • If possible, photocopies of information about income and assets in your spouse's name alone, such as pay stubs, tax returns, company records and ledgers, bank accounts, investments, and RRSPs. Also write down your spouse's Social Insurance Number, BC Services Card/CareCard number, and date of birth. (These can be useful later if you have a dispute about money and property, or if you need to find your spouse.)
  • Medications and prescriptions for you and your children

For more information, see the booklet For Your Protection: Peace Bonds and Family Law Protection Orders and the Live Safe, End Abuse fact sheets and folder.

See also the WorkSafeBC website for resources about personal safety in the workplace.

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