What do I need to represent myself in my family law case?

A large and growing number of people act as their own lawyers in the family law justice system in BC. If you plan to represent yourself, you'll need reliable legal information.

This website can help you. Information is organized by topic (for example, Divorce & separation).

  • Frequently asked questions provide short answers to legal information questions. Start with the FAQ about the Legal system and Court forms.
  • Fact sheets contain longer answers to legal information questions. Click on Legal system & courts to see a list of topics directly related to court processes.
  • Self-help guides walk you through various court processes (such as doing your own divorce). The guides include:
    • links to the forms you need,
    • step-by-step instructions on what to do, and
    • information on what to expect if you have to go to court.
  • If you already know which forms you need, see Court forms for links to forms and sample filled-out forms.
  • Who can help? lists services (mostly in-person) that can help you.
  • Legislation/court rules provides links to the acts (laws) and court rules you might need to know.
  • The Legal system link at the top of your screen also provides links to all of the court-related material on the website.

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