Information for people with family law cases (child support orders) in Kelowna Provincial Court

If you have a support order made on or after June 1, 2006, in Kelowna Provincial (Family) Court, the Child Support Recalculation Service (CSRS) automatically recalculates child support amounts every year. To do this, CSRS applies the child support guidelines to the updated income information. This service:

  • helps parents keep their child support amounts current without going back to court,
  • ensures that children get the support they're entitled to, and
  • ensures that payors pay support that's appropriate for their income.

If you have a written agreement, you may decide to opt into the service. Under some limited circumstances, the service won't recalculate child support for orders made on or after June 1, 2006.

CSRS accepts only income tax information as the source for up-to-date income information. If you're a payor, you must submit your income tax information as required. If you don't, CSRS will automatically assume that your income has increased by 10 percent.

Only recalculations that result in changes of $5 or more will lead to changes in the child support amount to be paid. Special or extraordinary expenses won't be recalculated.

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