Supreme Court

Discovery — Sharing information with the other party

Sharing information with the other party is a very important part of every family law case. Once you file an action, the court rules govern the when, what, and how of sharing information. The process of sharing information in a court case is called discovery.

There are two main types of discovery:

  • Discovery of documents — each party must let the other know what documents they would rely on if they went to trial.
  • Examination for discovery — each party can have an opportunity to question the other.

The two types of discovery often go hand in hand. Once you've reviewed documents, you can figure out what questions you still have for the other party. And, when you've finished an examination for discovery, you might want to request more documents.

Important: You may want to consult a lawyer before beginning the discovery process. A lawyer can give you advice about what you need to know about the other party's case, as well as what information you must share with them.