Problems using the Supreme Court PDF forms?

Important: Most of the forms are stored on the Courthouse Services website: Supreme Court Family Rules Forms. We just link to those forms for your convenience.

On this page:

I can't use the PDF forms

Many of the Supreme Court forms are also available in Microsoft Word. See Tips for using the Supreme Court Word forms. If the Word form you need isn’t on our court forms page, you may find it on the Supreme Court Forms page on the JP Boyd on Family Law Wikibook.

The form won't open or I get an error message

Some of the PDF forms may not open in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or other browsers. If the form won't load properly, save the PDF file (right click and choose "Save target as" or "Save link as"), and open it using Acrobat Reader on your computer.

I have questions about how the forms work

To see a technical description of how the forms work, especially the Notice of Family Claim, watch our video, How to Use the Supreme Court Family Forms or read our fact sheet Frequently asked technical questions about the Supreme Court family forms.

Or see the Supreme Court Civil and Family Forms "How To" Guide on the Courthouse Services website.

Parts of some forms are missing

When you first open certain Supreme Court forms, like the Final Order (see list below), only part of the form appears. To get the whole form:

  1. Fill out the first part, then click Generate Form. The rest of the form will appear. What sections it contains depends on what you filled out in the first part.
  2. Fill out the rest and click This form is complete and ready for submission.
  3. Click Save Form (if you want to save the form as a PDF).
  4. Click Click here to PRINT Form.
    • Affidavit — Desk Order Divorce (F38)
    • Child Support Affidavit (F37)
    • Final Order (F52)
    • Order to Waive Fees (F85)
    • Protection Order (F54)

I need someone to help me

If you need in-person help, see Filling out court forms — Who can help.

If you're in Vancouver, the Vancouver Justice Access Centre's Self-Help and Information Services can help you.

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