Frequently asked technical questions about the Supreme Court family forms

We've received a number of questions about how to use the Supreme Court family forms. Here are some answers to those questions.

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Why can't I enter our names when I first open the Notice of Family Claim (Form F3)?

To fill in the form online, you first have to click "Fill in Form" at the top of the form to open all the available fields, including the names of the parties.

menu bar

Once you've clicked "Fill in Form," look for the blue fillable fields to figure out which lines you need to fill out. You'll be typing your names in the boxes that appear, not next to "Claimant" and "Respondent."

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Parts of the forms are missing. Why can't I see the Schedules in the Notice of Family Claim (Form F3) or Notice of Joint Family Claim (Form F1)?

The form isn't incomplete; it's just set up to only include the sections you need. It will expand to include the correct schedules after you select your claims in section 4 ("My Claims").

My Claims Claims explanation

I keep getting an odd error message when I try to enter a date. How do I enter or change dates?

Once you place your cursor inside the date box, a small arrow appears on the right side of the box. Click on that arrow to make a drop-down menu appear from which you can choose the date.


A calendar appears with the current month and year. If you want a much earlier date, click on the month to make a list of all 12 months appear, then choose the right month:

calendar drop down

Click on the year to get a scroll button you can use to scroll down to go back in time (or up to go forwards) to select the correct year.


Other questions?

If you have other technical questions about the form, see our video, How to Use the Supreme Court Family Forms. Note that this video only provides a technical introduction to the forms, not an explanation of what to enter into the form. See the relevant Self-help guide for more information on the court process and what to do with the forms.

If you need help with the forms, see our fact sheet, Filling out court forms — Who can help.

If you still have unanswered questions, please email us.

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