Interjurisdictional issues

When a case involves more than one province, territory, or country

What if one party doesn't live in BC?

You or the other party may want to enforce or change a child or spousal support order that was made in a different place than where you now live. This is called an interjurisdictional order.

A jurisdiction is the geographical area where the judge has authority to make orders. Each province and territory in Canada and each country outside Canada is a separate jurisdiction.

The rules about interjurisdictional orders are different depending on:

  • what law the order was made under,
  • whether you want to apply for, change, or enforce an order,
  • where the order was made, and
  • where the parties live.

These cases can be complicated and you may want to seek legal help. See Who can help?

If you and the other party agree about how to change an order, duty counsel may be able to help you.

What do you need to do?

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