About us

Who we are

This website is maintained by the Legal Services Society (LSS), the organization that provides legal aid to British Columbia, Canada. See the LSS website for more information about legal aid or LSS.

What's this website about?

On the Family Law in British Columbia website, family law includes:

  • separation
  • divorce
  • child and spousal support
  • parenting, including:
    • guardianship (parental responsibilities and parenting time)
    • contact with a child
    • custody
    • access
  • child protection/removal
  • division of family property and debts
  • adoption

Because people facing family law issues often find they're also dealing with other related matters, we also provide limited information for some of those related areas, like:

  • family violence if children aren't affected
  • income assistance
  • immigration issues like sponsorship breakdown

However, these aren't family law issues.

Can this site answer all my legal questions?

Probably not. This site is meant to provide legal information only, not legal advice. Legal information is general information about the law. It helps someone identify their legal issue and the options that might be available to address that issue. Legal advice is specific to a situation. It involves applying the law to a particular situation, and providing a legal opinion and specific advice about the best course of action for you.