Pro Bono Paralegal Program

In Vancouver, volunteer paralegals from the Amici Curiae Pro Bono Paralegal Program (of the Law Courts Center) help people draft legal documents for family law cases. See Legal Forms Workshops for Self-Represented Litigants in BC for a complete list of the documents they can help with, the time and location of clinics, and more. Clinics run on Wednesdays (free one-hour sessions).

For a small fee, they can also help temporary foreign workers from countries like the Philippines, where divorce is not allowed, prepare uncontested BC Supreme Court divorce applications if they have children back home they want to sponsor for permanent residency in Canada. They can help with the forms, but don’t provide legal advice. At least one volunteer at each clinic speaks Filipino. These clinics run on Saturdays (one-hour sessions for $25).

Call for an appointment:

  • For help with documents, call 604-660-2084
  • For help with temporary foreign worker divorce applications, call or text 778-322-2839 
    OR email